How long will it take?

  • Tint – 2.5-3 Hours
  • Wrap – 3-4 Days
  • Taillight tint/Headlight – 1-2 hr
  • Chrome delete – 2-4 hours
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What is a wrap?

There are several different kinds of wraps varying from full color change car wraps, fleet wraps, partial wraps, wall wraps, and spot graphics. The broad understanding of a wrap is any vinyl film being used to change the look or appearance of any given object. 

  • Full color change car wraps – this is the process in which we use vinyl to completely change the color of any vehicle without using any printed material. This process would use a color change vinyl like 3M 1080, 3M 2080, or Avery Denison wrap films. 
  • Fleet wraps specialize in brand marketing a vehicle fleet of a given company. These usually include a printed vinyl with logos graphics and numbers to clearly mark and identify the company. 
  • Partial wraps use portions of vinyl to cover larger parts of any given vehicle to give a nice contrast to the look of the car. This is a good cost effective way to brand or mark your vehicle. 
  • Wall wraps are the new version of wallpaper. With varying degrees of adhesion to the wall you get the option to have semi removable or permanent vinyl installed on the wall. This helps save in cost and removability for future renovation compared to wallpaper. 
  • Spot graphics are a great way to brand a vehicle without the full cost of a full wrap. These usually include Logo on the doors of the vehicle, any identifying numbers related to the vehicle or business, and GVW or USDOT for all commercial vehicles. 
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What is a chrome delete?

A chrome delete is where we use a wrap vinyl like 3M 2080 gloss black to fully wrap all of the chrome pieces on the vehicle.  This makes for a lot sleeker subtle look to the vehicles. Any wrap color can be used to cover the chrome making the options endless. 

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What colors are available?

Killer Wraps offers and suggests using all colors from 3M vinyl and Avery Dennison Wrap films. Other vinyl brands and colors can be used with adjusted warranties on each film.

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